Constant Air Circulation for High Humidity and CO2 "Dead Spaces / Pockets"

The Ingenious SmartVentilation AirFlow Engine

To help to prevent mold, SmartVentilation’s AirFlow Engine device circulates nearly 100 cubic feet per minute of air through existing ducts 24/7/365.

Airflow Engine BENEFITS:

  1. “High Humidity / CO2 Dead Spaces” in a home will receive a stream of conditioned air that  will help to reduce relative humidity in “Dead Space” or high humidity / CO2 “Pockets.”
  2. The AirFlow Engine requires only about ten watts to accomplish its purpose. Air circulation is achieved 24/7/365  without operation of the 500-750 watt air handler energy-hog fan
  3. In most cases, the complete AirFlow Engine may be installed in 30 minutes without any new 120 vac wiring.

The SmartVentilation Bedroom CO2 Limiter

Bedroom doors are often closed during the night. Since air conditioners do not operate as often at night, Carbon Dioxide can build up to levels much higher than the 600 parts per  million required for optimum sleep and cognitive function.  In an energy efficient home, CO2 may reach well over 2000 parts per million. The Bedroom CO2 Limiter quietly delivers a steady stream of low CO2 indoor air directly into the bedroom even when doors are closed.

Bedroom CO2 Limiter BENEFITS:

  1. Carbon Dioxide levels in a bedroom will remain low 24/7/265 even if and when the bedroom door is closed and the air  handler infrequently operates.
  2. Stale air and CO2 accumulating in the bedroom will constantly be replaced
  3. Improved sleep, improved cognitive function
  4. Fresher, crisper more pleasant bedroom environment sensation
  5. In most cases, the Bedroom Air CO2 Limiter may be installed in 20 minutes without requiring any new 120 vac wiring

SmartVentilation Closet Magic Ventilator

Sometimes, clothing, shoes and personal items become damaged by mold. There are generally two causes of this misfortune. 1. The closet may not have a dedicated air supply register or the dedicated air supply may deliver too much cold, high humidity air causing high dew point and condensation. 2. The closet may have an exterior wall. In hot, humid climates, exterior walls ALWAYS deliver considerable outdoor moisture through the walls and into a  home’s interior, even if the guilder installed a vapor retarder. As a result, a closet  may receive a much greater proportional load of moisture than a larger room. Result? Constant high humidity in closet and mold on almost everything. Clothing with musty odors.

Closet Magic Ventilator BENEFITS:

  1. Reducing closet air dew point significantly reduces likelihood of moisture saturation in clothing, shoes, and other personal property in the closet and and resulting mold.growth
  2. Elimination of possible musty odors on garments
  3. Elimination of need for Damp-Rid or other Band-Aid attempts at moisture control inconveniences

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