Carnation Ductless for ACLF Units, Smaller Dwellings, Lower Radon Levels

The Carnation is only 9.25″ in length; it fits entirely within an exterior masonry block wall and takes up NO indoor space whatsoever. SmartVentilation strongly recommends that unconditioned outdoor air always be delivered into a large room without it striking any chilled wall or ceiling surface. The only time raw fresh air should be delivered into an air handler closet/room is when the air  handler is operating. Hot humid air loves to condense on chilled surfaces to create a moldy result. Often the mold cannot be seen because it will grow on the backside of the drywall out of sight. But it can usually be smelled.

A Carnation installs quickly. Low voltage wiring is installed out of sight behind the drywall. The variable speed fan can be adjusted to deliver the precisely correct airflow to solve all issues. Designed to be exempt from permitting in most jurisdictions.

Initial contractor reaction to the Carnation is highly favorable.

The Carnation through-the-wall ductless modules are available only to  qualified SmartVentilation Team members / contractors for installation.

A Carnation filtered fresh air kit will include the following:

  1. A manually adjustable-speed Carnation air delivery module 9.25″ long. The Carnation fits entirely within a 4″ diameter precision-bored port through an exterior wall, flush with drywall and the exterior
  2. An integral, adjustable air delivery grille
  3. A SmartVentilation Type II high capacity 50-400 cfm pleated air filter
  4. A Type II aluminum filter box 
  5. A 12 vdc custom switching power supply
  6. A jeweler’s screwdriver-adjustable speed controller to precisely adjust air delivery rate  5-60 cfm.
  7. All necessary gaskets and fasteners for a quick and easy, trouble-free installation.


  • Carnations are installed only from out of doors
  • Filter service is performed only from out of doors
  • 4.25″ precision ports through solid and reinforced concrete walls as well as concrete blocks are easily and quickly  accomplished with the Blue Boar Jr. vacuum-attached core-drilling rig available February 1, 2019. Special gaskets allow this rig to be  vacuum-attaches within ten seconds to even rough stucco exterior wall surfaces so long as they are painted. Leaves only marks washable with soap and water. Powerful vacuum pump available shortly
  • CO2 controller for off-on operation below a CO2 setpoint.
  • Electronic temperature / humidity controller will temporarily suspend Carnation operation if indoor temperature or humidity move beyond humidity and temperature setpoints either up or down.