Permit Exempt

The Daisy Ductless is Engineered to be Exempt from Permitting

To this writer’s knowledge, the State of Florida does not train, test or license building officials to inspect or to approve radon mitigation systems in any of Florida’s 67 counties or in any Florida city.

FACT: No building official is lawfully qualified to inspect or to approve a radon mitigation system installation.

HOWEVER, It is likely that if a government requires a permit for a radon mitigation installation and has the system inspected and approved by an unlicensed building official, that unlicensed official and the government may be liable in a court of law for any injury resulting from a faulty/defective radon mitigation system. It should be noted that in a few jurisdictions, radon mitigation “inspections and approvals” are conducted by telephone call and no one actually looks at or inspects the installation.

For a home buyer to demand and to rely upon a permit for a radon mitigation installation is getting fooled.

The Daisy is Exempt from Permitting BECAUSE it does not:

In Every Case where the permit issue is raised, every interested building official and engineer has stated that no permit is required for a Daisy Ductless installation unless it is not installed in accordance with the installation limits described in the installation guide

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