Improve Entire School Academic Performance and Attendance

Once Difficult, Now Easy

Install  Brainy Classroom 

Fresh Air "Brainy Module" Prototypes

Pre-Order for January 4, 2024 Shipment

Improved Cognitive Function with CO2 Optimization

Reduced Illness with HEPA Filtration 

 1-100+ Individual Classrooms at a time

Generous Florida Power Rebates

New Federal Funding $200,000,000.00 

HEPA Fresh Air Filtration:

 99.97% Particle Removal

An Individual "Brainy Module" quickly attaches to a single classroom exterior wall to deliver super-clean fresh air for 30-35 students. One "Brainy" Module will meet all fresh air requirements for a single classroom. AND Reduce Energy Consumption to Pay For Itself

There is a tremendous amount of emerging evidence that Air pollution has serious and unexpected impacts on health.

Florida Power Rebates

We believe that Brainy Classroom Fresh Air Module Installations will Qualify for DCV Rebates from Florida Power and EPA Funding

Demand Control Ventilation For Energy Savings

Classroom Carbon Dioxide Control:

CO2 Automatically Maintained to Near 600 Parts Per Million.


Classroom Indoor Relative Humidity Control:

Relative Humidity Automatically Limited To 59.5% and Below.


Quick, Simple Plug 'N Play Installations 1-100+ Individual Classrooms at a time.

Fresh Air Delivery Ports are bored through masonry and block walls in minutes with a Special "Blue Boar" Diamond Core Rig without creating any mess. No Construction or Restoration.

Low voltage operation with Plug 'N Play wiring

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