Mitigate Radon in Florida Multi Housing Rentals: Quick, Easy, Affordable, Proven

Daisy Ductless: Fresh Air Ventilation, six years in development

Financing and selling a multi  housing project with RADON above 4.0 may be difficult.

The Daisy Ductless makes lenders eager to close a loan in a property with radon issue.

A Daisy gives buyers, sellers and real estate pros confidence in completion of a sales or refinancing transaction.

Fresh air can make RADON go away . . . BUT

In the  past, fresh air systems were left out, because they were overly complicated and expensive, they reduced occupant comfort and were expensive to operate. And they rarely delivered a good result.

Energy efficient buildings were built airtight, but the need for fresh air.was overlooked . . . until now.

Once it was difficult, but now SmartVentilation’s Daisy Ductless module and “Smart” controls make RADON-Reducing compartmentalized fresh air simple, quick, easy, and affordable.   

Now radon can be mitigated without any unintended adverse consequences.

Adding correct amounts of clean fresh air can be a simple, quick and affordable retrofit in high and low rise rental multi housing.

Fresh air is now required by code and standard in almost all new residences, including high rise condo and apartment buildings

Now, a Daisy Ductless Module can can be installed to bring clean fresh air into units in your building in less than two hours in and out the door. Without new construction or restoration of any type.

Why not add it to your building to make radon go away?


The Daisy Ductless makes it easy to retrofit one unit or entire building with clean fresh air quickly, automatically and at surprisingly reasonable cost.

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