Delaying Alzheimer’s Radon Mitigation Module

Airborne PM2.5 Particles and
Their Toxic, Heavy Metal and Radioactive Hitchhikers Are Inhaled, Enter Into and Are Carried by the Blood To Accumulate in the Brain, Heart and Bone Marrow.

PM2.5 captured by an SVI Type III Filter

A SmartVentilation Type III Custom Intake Filter that has been in service for about 12 months, The PM2.5 particles it  has removed from the fresh air is obvious. The pollen and mold spores it has also removed are not nearly so obvious.

These black particles are radioactive, and filter service requires cleanliness and disposal in sealed containers. Gloves are suggested.

PM2.5 particles carry radioactive, toxic, and heavy metal particle hitchhikers.

Because these particles are so small, when inhaled, they immediately make their way into the bloodstream through lung tissue and the hypothalamus. Blood carries them and their hitchhikers on a one-way trip into the brain, heart and bone marrow where even more accumulate with every breath.

Emerging, credible evidence reveals that there is a high positive correlation between increases in atmospheric PM2.5 and increasing rates of Alzheimer’s.

Brain tissue analysis reveals surprising accumulations of radioactive, toxic and heavy metal particles in brain tissue

A MERV 14-15 filter can remove most atmospheric PM2.5 particles passing through it. The particles are a Velvety Deep Black in Color. An effective filter will turn black with the PM2.5 particles and  hitchhikers it removes from the air passing through it.

A MERV 14-15 filter is the equivalent of an N95 face mask in removing PM2.5 from the air passing through it.

Laser particle counters and counts rarely become public knowledge.

SmartVentilation conducted atmospheric tests with a $6,000.00 laboratory- grade laser particle counter.

We were stunned to learn that on a normal day, in Naples, Florida, there were 1,200,000 particles in every single cubic foot of air we inhaled. That is right, one million, two hundred thousand particles including PM2.5 which was the predominant particle. Further testing during an everglades fire revealed 16 million particles in every single cubic foot of air we were breathing.

We immediately developed a HEPA filter air mover assembly (Our SlimLine Module)  that could be mounted on an outside wall. (We used a 14″ diameter Honeywell HRF-14 filter, a custom manufactured ComAire Rotron variable speed impeller and covered it with an ABS cover.) 

Laser particle counting revealed that the Honeywell HF-14 HEPA filter performed even better than the 99.97% removal rate Honeywell claimed. During multiple tests, we found that the filter reduced particle counts from 1.2 million down to 970-985 particles in each cubic foot of air each time we repeated the test. We were delighted.

It worked beautifully, but real estate professionals said buyers did not like the appearance and made a property hard to sell.

So we went to work an an alternative. The result is the SmartVentilation MERV 14-15 internal filter that fits completely inside an exterior wall within a Daisy Ductless ventilation/filtration module. We wanted a filter life of 18-24  months and easy service. We got it.

SmartVentilation MERV 14-15 Filter, equivalent to a surgical N-95 face mask, delivers super-clean, oxygen-rich air into your breathing zone
Daisy Ductless
Daisy Ductless Ventilation/Fiiltration Module – 9.25 inches long, fits completely withiin an exterior wall.

Daisy Deuce:

  • Radon Mitigation

  • Mold Prevention

MultiFamily Housing Solution