ASAPDB Above Slab Air Pressure Differential Barrier. A system of blocking radon entry into a breathing zone by reducing the air pressure within wall cavities where radon emissions from building materials collects.

CFM Cubic Feet per Minute is a measure of the rate at which air is being moved. Typical air conditioners move about 400 cfm per ton of cooling capacity. Air conditioner air circulation fans are quite powerful and consume considerable electrical power, commonly as much as 500 to 750 watts. High efficiency air conditioners often have ECM Electronically Commutated “inverter” DC motors that are more energy efficient and are easily speed controlled to optimize air conditioner performance.

delta t refers to the drop in temperature that an air conditioner can can achieve as it cools the air. The greater the temperature drop or delta t, the better the dehumidification. A delta t of 20 degrees will result in good dehumidification. A delta t of 14 degrees will cool the air, but it will remove little, if any moisture from the air. Automobile air conditioners are much more powerful. It is not unusual for an auto air conditioner to achieve a delta t of 35 degrees.

IAQ Indoor Air Quality. a term which refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants Wikipedia

MV Mechanical Ventilation delivers fresh air directly into the breathing zone. It reduces radon in two ways.  First, it tends to pressurize the breathing zone side of the wall surfaces to “push back” against radon that may otherwise pass through openings in the wall and floor slab to enter into the breathing zone. Secondly, the addition of fresh air dilutes any contaminant present in the breathing zone including radon, VOCs, acrolein, and if the ventilation air is well filtered, it will reduce the quantity of micro particulate  like PM2.5 which are increasingly shown to be seriously detrimental to human health. Ventilation air contains moisture which can saturate a home and its contents creating serious mold and moldy odor issues.

Radon Fountains Radon easily passes from the soil and into a breathing zone through openings in the slab. An especially common entry point is where the air conditioning freon lines are located underground and enter into the home through a “port” or hole in the slab to reach the air conditioner. Since air conditioners create negative pressure, such pressure is often unintentionally applied to the “Radon Fountain” causing the air conditioner to extract or “mine” radon from the soil.

 REX Radon EXtraction system. Radon tends to collect within “radon reservoirs.” These reservoirs are cavities that are generally separated from the breathing zone by drywall and interior wall surfaces. The radon source may be soil gas or radon emissions from building materials. REX hardware extracts radon-contaminated air from these “radon reservoir” wall cavities and transports it directly to the out of doors. As a result, “radon reservoirs”are emptied of radon before the radon can make its way into a breathing zone.  It is expected that REX, when used in conjunction witrh mechanical ventilation will become commonly used in low and high rise residential buildings to achieve substantial radon reducts without increased risk of humidity issues..

Smart Ventilation uses humidity and temperature as well as carbon diioxide controllers to control the rate of ventilation so as to prevent risky increases in indoor relative humidity and temperatures outside the comfort range of occupants. Emerging research reveals that elevated carbon dioxide levels including those that have earlier been considered acceptable can seriously impair cognitive function and sleep. Current thought is that carbon dioxide levels of around 600 parts per million optimize cognitive function and sleep.

SSD Sub Slab Depressurization, ASD Active Soil Depressurization involve extraction of soil gas from beneath a floor slab in contact with the soil. Reducing the air pressure in the soil blocks movement of soil gas containing radon, termiticides and VOCs through slab penetrations and into the breathing zone.

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