We began mitigating radon in January, 1987

The image above is the Daisy Ductless, a variable speed air delivery/filtration module that we perfected over the last seven years.

The Cone-Shaped filter at the right end of the module (MERV 14-15) will clean the air passing through the module to the same level as an N95 mask. Under normal circumstances, the filter service life is 18-24 months.

A custom manufactured, electronically commutated, salt-spray-protected, variable speed, backward inclined impeller will deliver 0-70 cubic fee per minute of highly filtered air into  your breathing zone.

An automatic indoor relative humidity controller instructs the Daisy how to operate to prevent high indoor relative humidity and mold

The radon level  may be adjusted with a jeweler’s screwdriver in seconds

An integral airflow meter will guide you in making radon level adjustments

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