Florida Radon Mitigation Expertise


We Mitigate Radon and Deliver Super-Clean, Oxygen-Rich Fresh Air into High Rise Apartments, Condos, and Single Family Residences.

Our Technology and Attitude will put us at the top of your list.

Our Daisy Ductless Technology is engineered to meet any and all Standards and recommendations including ASHRAE, USEPA, and Florida Building and Energy Codes.

You can use the Menu above to learn about our Proven Radon Mitigation / Fresh Air Products.

Until Now, Our Primary Focus Has Been on Developing Products to Make Radon Go Away

We have expended thousands of hours and nearly a hundred thousand dollars in R&D to make it happen, to keep you and your family and pets safe and healthy, and your home dry and free of mold and moldy odors in south Florida’s hot, humid climates. WE HAVE SUCCEEDED.

Now, Our Focus is on Making Our Technology, Products and Skills Available to Everyone and Making SmartVentilation Profitable.

We have spun-off RadonRESSQ, LLC to perform radon mitigations using SmartVentilation, Inc. Technology and Products.

Highly-Experienced, Highly-Skilled Daisy Ductless Installers are located in Collier, Lee and Miami-Dade

How Many Daisies can a team install in multi-housing in a seven hour day without having to return?

Answer? THREE Daisy Installations per day, per two man team

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239 571 2227 /
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