Red Zephyr variable speed fan
Red Zephyr Inline Fan 4"

RED ZEPHYR VariFlow Ventilator

  • Custom designed and manufactured to SmartVentilation specifications
  • ECM Electronically Commutated  12 vdc 5-18 watts
  • Variable Speed 5-230 cfm
  • Manual control  by knob or jeweler’s screwdriver OR
  • Electronic speed control: humidity, CO2, VOC, PM2.5, temperature, micro pressure -1.0 to +1.0 pascal (using SmartVentilation designed and manufactured micro pressure controller)
  • 4″ round duct
  • Waterproof
  • Reliably restarts at 5 cfm
  • Easy upgrade Replacement/Retrofit for single speed 120 vac fans
  • Reliably powered by 20 watt solar panel and overnight by battery
  • When used with a CO2 controller which will provide precise control of ventilation rates DCV it becomes a  highly effective and low cost substitute/replacement for ERVs and ventilating dehumidifiers