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Fresh Air Intake Filter Choices for Radon Mitigation and Ventilation Installations

A few installers place a warning sticker in an out-of-the-way, out-of-sight location advising of the need to service the filter every 60-90 days. They also warn of risk of mold with the warning that they will not be responsible for mold damage. (They knew of substantial mold damage risk and personal injury reaction to mold by adding uncontrolled, unconditioned outdoor air. But some installers do it anyway without regard for the known and serious mold consequences of occupant illness and mold property damage)

Three types of fresh air intake filters commonly installed with radon / mechanical ventilation systems in south Florida. Although factory-manufactured, first class air intake filters are readily available from at least three manufacturers, most ventilation/radon systems have no filter or a homemade filter that must be serviced every 60-90 days. Rarely do installers advise their customers of the filter that will be installed or its service requirements until after the installation is complete and they are paid.

WARNING to everyone, including law practitioners, lenders and  insurers:
It has been suggested that some radon mitigators  know exactly what they are doing when they install a homemade filter that will clog up if not serviced on schedule. A clogged filter will not pass hot, humid air into a breathing zone. Result? No Mold Problem. And no radon reduction. with filter blocking airflow. If the lawyers ever catch on, they will wonder what took them so long. Slam dunk against lenders and insurance carriers too.

Even with heavy outdoor wildfire smoke, in a tightly constructed home with an air exchange rate of 3.0 Air Changes Per Hour, or less, (energy efficient) a SmartVentilation system can create a Sanctuary of Good Health and Comfort so long as the home is operated and maintained according to SmartVentilation instructions.

Type I – Honeywell HRF-11 HEPA filter will remove an incredible 99.97% of airborne particles including pollen, mold spores, PM2.5 viruses, bacteria, soot, smoke, red tide and toxic mold particulate, dust and dirt. With SmartVentilation building pressurization, instead of exhaust ventilation, (common in California)  even with heavy wildfire smoke outdoors, virtually no smoke or odor of smoke will be present inside a home.  Air testing in Naples Florida, using a laboratory-grade laser particle counter revealed 1.2 million particles in unfiltered air reduced to about 970 particles per cubic foot of air. During everglades fire, it is not  uncommon to see particle counts as high as 12- 16 million particles in each cubic foot of unfiltered outdoor air, Weather protected by SmartVentilation designed and manufactured, vacuum formed high durability ABS plastic cover that must be color matched painted for UV protection. Recommended filter service life 24-48  months. Mounts outside on exterior wall. Ducts will stay extremely CLEAN for a long time. Note, SmartVentilation can install an intumescent material fire protection feature upon request.

SmartVentilation Type III filter, showing retrofit intake configuration, designed and factory manufactured by SmartVentilation. MERV 14-15 performance reveals an ability to remove 95% of pollen, mold spores, viruses, PM2.5. bacteria, red tide and toxic algae airborne particles, dust, dirt, soot and even wildfire smoke. Type III filter is 4 inches in outside diameter and is an easy retrofit into most 4 inch air intakes with no filter or only a homemade filter. All filtered debris is captured inside the filter before it enters into any part of a home to almost eliminate any need for duct cleaning.

TYPE III filters are an ideal upgrade retrofit for 4″ intake systems with no filter or only a homemade filter.

SmartVentilation TYPE II multipleat MERV 14-15 filter will remove about 95% of pollen, mold spores, PM2.5, viruses, bacteria, red tide and toxic algae airborne particles, soot, dust and dirt, even wildfire smoke. Filter service life 24-48 months
Blue, fluffy, homemade filter is not MERV rated, but it will likely offer filtration at MERV 2-3 and remove about 10% of large particles. Must be serviced every 60-90 days. Filter protected by SmartVentilation designed and manufactured aluminum filter housing mounted on exterior wall. Cover may be manually lowered for hurricane protection. Aluminum filter housing is protected by a very long life (20 year) white, baked polyester powder coat finish that may be painted.

A Daisy Ductless through-exterior-wall portable ventilation/fiiltration module showing Type III filter  configuration. The Ductless Daisy fits entirely within an exterior wall, flush with drywall inside the home. MERV 14-15 filter may be exchanged from inside or outside the home, even on top floors of high rise multihousing. VIDEO