A Two Step Process to Satisfy Everyone and to Speed the Transaction.

  • Before Closing, Step One: Seller may confer with Buyer to select a radon system that will pass a two day radon test, and that is designed and certified to be up-gradable. Then at  his cost, Seller installs selected system, tests and certifies success of installation.
  • After Closing, Step Two: Buyer upgrades radon system to suit his preferences at his own cost.

For Home Buyers: After Closing

  • Buyer selects and installs system upgrades  to meet  his requirements and preferences for the long term

For Home Sellers: Before Closing

  • Seller installs first class fully up-gradable radon system that will pass two day test

For Real Estate Professionals

  • Buyer should make and pay for all radon mitigation upgrade decisions after closing

 For Condo Boards and Managers

  • Due Diligence regarding all aspects of installation
  • Rapid and full Response to Application for Assent

For Lenders

  • Due Diligence

For Commercial Property Owners

  • Due Diligence