Radon Mitigation in High Rise Condos and Apartments

A recent upload to YouTube that provides insights for high value property decision-makers including major ticket mortgage  lenders and liability underwriters.as well as for new home buyers concerned about their family’s health, safety, comfort and cognitive function.

Radon Mitigation in Florida Condos, Apartments and Homes

Radon Mitigation in Florida Hot, Humid Climate (for home buyers)

Insist that the Contractor describe, show you, and demonstrate operation and filter maintenance of the Mechanical Ventilation Components that he will install

  • In the event radon levels are above about 7-9 picoCuries per liter insist that the  mitigator address any possible “Radon Fountains” that should be sealed to block radon entry and describe in writing how he intends to do it.
  • Insist on an easy to adjust  radon system that allows you to control the radon level within acceptable limits. Insist that he show you  how the adjustment is accomplished
  • Insist on a long life, first class factory-made fresh air filter. Do not accept a  homemade filter that must be serviced every 60-90 days from the top of an 8-foot stepladder.
  • Insist on electronic automatic indoor relative humidity control. Do not accept a manually operated OFF/ON light switch or an extension cord you must unplug and plug in again depending upon the time of day and the season. Do not accept a low accuracy mechanical dehumidistat or humidistat to prevent high humidity and mold. Do not accept a difficult-to-adjust Christmas tree or table lamp timer to turn the radon system on and off a number of times each day in an effort to prevent mold.
  • Insist that he accept liability for any mold or moisture issues that his system may cause (In hot, humid climates, mechanical ventilation systems can easily and often do create new and serious mold problems) Make sure that he does not post an out-of-sight disclaimer that he is not responsible for any mold problems that his fresh air RADON system may cause
  • Insist on your use of an electronic radon meter as showing that radon reduction averages less than 4.0 picoCuries per liter for a period of at least 12 months following installation. 
  • Beware any radon fresh air system that reduces radon to below 2.5 to 2.0 picoCuries per liter. Mold and moisture-causing radon systems will create mold and comfort nightmares. Radon below 1.5? It is just a matter of time before you have serious mold problems from over-ventilation. Too much fresh air and moisture.

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I am a Personal Injury / Wrongful Death Attorney. Radon is an avoidable killer that is the second leading cause of lung cancer, a cancer that kills about 95% of lung cancer patients. Remarkably, in many jurisdictions, radon, radon mitigation and indoor air quality are treated as if they are no more serious than athlete's foot.

If a client or decedent has contracted lung cancer or become seriously ill from a negligently caused radon or mold exposure, I want to be able to follow a pathway to guide me to identify negligence that may be the proximate cause or causes of lung cancer or personal injury. Official records reveal that in this county, an individual is five times as likely to contract lung cancer (fatality rate around 95%) as he is to die in a traffic accident

I am an Attorney who represents clients in real estate transactions. I want to make certain that my clients don't complain that I failed to provide the accurate information they needed to make the best decision in a real estate transaction.

I want to feel confident when my clients seek information from me about the risks of radon and radon mitigation systems as well as the risks of mold and mold-caused illness from high humidity levels and mold resulting from defective radon mitigation systems. I want them to conclude that I have provided the information that they need to avoid radon and mold problems in the home or property they purchase. I don't want them to come back and ask me why didn't I warn them.

I am a Home Buyer considering a home with a radon or other indoor air quality issue. I want my family to have the safest environment possible. I do not want to get stuck with a cheap, troublesome, poorly designed or poorly installed radon system that may not work beyond a two day test without creating new and undisclosed risk of serious mold problems

I want a Radon Issue solved in the way that is best for my family's health, well being, and best for enhancing my new home's fair market value. I have heard that radon mitigation systems that add fresh air to dilute radon often create high humidity, mold and moldy odor problems as well as stunning mold remediation costs

I am a Home Seller with a Radon or other indoor air quality issue. I want to avoid liability for any radon mitigation work in the home I am selling. I want the buyer to make all radon mitigation decisions. I want all radon work to be performed after closing

I want a Radon Issue affordably solved in a way that is good for my buyer and his family. I do not want any unanticipated adverse consequences for anyone.

I am a Real Estate Pro. I want quick, uncomplicated closings with Radon or other air quality issues fixed after closing with the buyer making all decisions and paying for the work

If I have a radon or other issue, I want my sales transactions to be simple, quick, affordable and to present no occupant health risk or property damage risk. I want to avoid all unintended adverse consequences for anyone

I am a Remodeler. I want good profits and a backlog of customers who want the special work that I can do, and will gladly pay a premium price.

I want to meet the Ventilation Code in the best way possible and for my buyers/owners to know how they benefit from my first quality work.

I am a Builder. I want good profits, no callbacks and buyers who will pay a premium price for a superior home

I want to meet the Ventilation Code in the best way possible and for my buyers to know how they benefit from it

I am an Architect. I want to design and to oversee construction of no-defect, durable buildings that keep occupants healthy and safe as well as economical to operate. I want the best clients who will seek me out because of my intuition and foresight in building design

I want to learn about Radon Technology, current Indoor Air Quality Research and new products

I am an Environmental Assessment Pro. I want my clients to be amazed at the breadth and accuracy of my knowledge of theory, practice and products as well as my attention to detail

I want my clients to conclude that I am their issue identifier and indoor air quality go-to person

I am a Home Inspector Pro. I want my clients to conclude that I have their health and safety first in mind, with burned out light bulbs and leaky faucets farther down the list. I want them to be so happy with my disclosures that they enthusiastically recommend me to their friends.

I want to provide my clients with accurate insights into making the safest indoor air quality decisions.

I am a Health Care Professional. I want to heal my patients and to keep them healthy. I know that environmental factors can cause illness, declines in cognitive function, possibly contribute to Alzheimer's and accelerate aging. I want my patients to have such knowledge too.

I want to keep my patients healthy, as well as to heal them.

I am a Radon Mitigation Pro. I want to be informed and fully up-to-date on technology, electronics and hardware available to me so that I may provide the best result possible.

I want to install the best systems available and to provide my customers with the best available

I am a Radon Measurement Pro. I want to advise my clients of health risks and to provide accurate facts to help them to make radon mitigation decisions that meet their needs

I want my clients to have the information they need to make the best decisions possible

I am a Property Management Pro. I want to have the knowledge I need to advise my clients correctly and to act wisely and efficiently

I want my clients to be fully informed and to make the best business decisions

I am a Condo Board Officer. I want to protect the health of residents and to protect our building from damage or destruction from moisture and mold. I seek the most accurate and reliable information available

I want to avoid becoming a laughing stock for bad decisions. It could be funny if my residents did ot contract lung cancer or had to endure mold issues because of wrong advice and unfortunate decisions

I am a Lending Institution Officer. I want to avoid all possible risks and liabilities associated with making loans on real property. I pay especially close attention to work which may have unintended adverse consequences such as mold resulting from radon mitigation by adding uncontrolled amounts of hot, humid outdoor air by mechanical ventilation

I want to avoid unintended adverse consequences like mold damage, personal injury and declines in Fair Market Value

I am an Air Conditioning Pro. I want to meet ASHRAE 62.2-2016 by adding outdoor air to new and existing homes in a way that that includes automatic ON/OFF operation and humidity control to prevent mold. I want a kit that will allow me to install an automated Plug 'n Play fresh air system with each mini-split system I install

I want to be fully informed so that I may provide my customers with the best result possible and to operate my business efficiently and profitably and with minimal callbacks

I am a Spray Foam Insulation Contractor. In addition to substantial reductions in energy costs and imrovements in comfort, I want to provide my customers with a satisfactory fresh air system that will keep the whole family healthy, comfortable and happy. And I want to install the fresh air system myself with every spray foam insulation. I want a Plug 'n Play installation kit which will make it quick and easy for me with an excellent result that my customers will thank me for and enthusiastically recommend me to their friends. I want no call-backs because of a lack of fresh air or odors

I want to keep up with advanced indoor air quality technology

I am a Student. I am curious, and I want to see the best information about radon, mold and other indoor air quality matters that is available

I want to keep up with advanced indoor air quality technology

I am an attorney practicing construction law representing property owners who have their property damaged from mold., There has been talk that radon systems that deliver fresh air into buildings may create new serious mold problems. The mold infestation seems to have begun about one year after a radon system was installed. I want to know how a connection may exist between the addition of fresh air into a dwelling unit may be been the proximate cause of mold which required mold remediation .

It is my understanding that at least one radon mitigator has installed many hundreds of concealed mechanical ventilation radon mitigation systems in entire rental and condo complexes. He did this in intentional and direct violation of the Florida Radon Standards. It is my further understanding that in the same multi housing complexes, high humidity and mold have continued to damage the property again and again for reason that the radon systems were so well concealed that they were not recognized as the cause of the mold problems. Mold remediation requiring complete gutting of the entire dwelling unit would need to be done every few years. Home buyers would see a beautiful new-appearing unit without realizing that comprehensive mold remediation had just been completed. They would never guess that the property would need mold remediation all over again in 2-3 years. There has been at least one death that is attributable to mold-exposure illness in one rental complex with concealed mechanical ventilation radon system installations.